78Man Presents Leslie Sarony

78Man Presents Leslie Sarony is a new compilation album featuring the under-rated singer from the ’20s and ’30s, and is available on Itunes here , Amazon or to stream on Spotify . Tracks on the album are :

1. And the great big saw came nearer and nearer

2. Let me carry your bag to Bagdad, Dad

3. Don’t be surprised

4. Constantinople

5. The Pedestrian’s dilemma

6. Make yourself a happiness pie

7. Shovel up your troubles

8. Gosh! I must be falling in love

9. When H’I was H’Out in H’India

10. Hunting tigers out in “Indiah”

11. There’s a song they sing at a sing song in Sing Sing

12. Waiting at the gate for Katy

13. Laughing Waltz (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

14. Mamma don’t want no rice ‘an peas ‘an coconut oil

15. Old White’s whiskers

16. Cheer up and smile

17. We all went round and round

18. Meet me by the dustbin

19. I took my harp to a party

20. The Errand Boy’s Parade

More info on Leslie Sarony can be found in the blog for the first podcast or there’s a more in depth article on the Voices of Variety website HERE


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