78Man Presents Charles Penrose

Charles Penrose is remembered today as the singer of “The Laughing Policeman” but he made many other recordings under a variety of names over a long period. “78Man Presents Charles Penrose” is an album featuring 20 of his recordings and can be streamed on Spotify Here or on iTunes Here

Charles Penrose was born in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire in 1873. He began performing laughing songs locally as a teenager and by 18 was asked to join a theatrical tour, from where his music hall career took off. He began recording around 1915 and for the next 2 decades released many records on different labels, often using Pseudonyms. In 1923 he recorded the first version of “The Laughing Policeman” for the Regal label, a song which became so successful he re-recorded it for Columbia in 1926 and Dominion in 1929! He also appeared in several films during the ’30s. He died in 1952.

Tracks on the album are :

  1. My Giggling Typist (as Charles Jolly and Kaye Connor, 1931)
  2. The Laughing Bachelor (as Charles Penrose, 1927)
  3. A Merry Little Laugh (as Charles Jolly, 1923)
  4. Laughing Stuttering Sam (as Charles Penrose, 1931)
  5. Army Laughs (as Charles Penrose, 1927)
  6. Dismal Desmond the Despondent Dalmatian (as Charles Penrose, 1927)
  7. Felix Keeps on Laughing (as Charles Penrose, 1924)
  8. Happy Herbert (as Charles Jolly, 1923)
  9. Laughs and Frills (as Charles Jolly and Kaye Connor, 1932)
  10. Seeing Each Other Home (as Charles Penrose, 1923)
  11. Happy Hikers (as Charles Penrose and Company, 1931)
  12. The Laughing Bassoon (as Charles Jolly and Kaye Connor, 1932)
  13. The Laughing Nippy (as The Spoofums, 1933)
  14. The Laughing Speed Cop (as Joy Day and Merry Andrew, 1931)
  15. Young Ideas (as Charles Jolly, 1923)
  16. The Laughing Widow (as The Spoofums, 1933)
  17. The Perpetual Laugh (as Charles Jolly, 1915)
  18. When I got home (as Charles Penrose, 1923)
  19. Two Old Sports No. 1-Gouty but Gay (as Penrose and Whitlock, 1920)
  20. Two Old Sports No. 2-Merry and Bright (as Penrose and Whitlock, 1920)

(For copyright reasons this album is not available in the US)


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